About Dirty Girl Farm

Dirty Girl Farm is a line of all-natural skincare products and holistic apothecary based in Michigan. All items are free from chemicals, toxins and gluten. Products are never tested on animals. We strive to make products vegan whenever possible. Established in 1994, Dirty Girl Farm creates products with natural ingredients straight from the earth. We believe in healthy skin and happy souls.

Heather Rosencrantz started Dirty Girl Farm in the early 90s when store-bought skincare products simply weren’t working with her daughter’s sensitive skin.  She already had a background in botany and farming, so using all-natural ingredients to create homeopathic solutions for skincare was a natural next step.  Over the next 20 years, the product line expanded to over 400 different products, from body butters and bar soaps to facial serums and eye creams.

Shop Heather’s top personal picks below!

  • Botox Body Wash

  • Botox in a Bottle

  • Charcoal Deodorant

  • Eczema Butter


We love Patchouli Pet Shampoo.  All vegan ingredients and smells so good.

Otis + Olive

Turmeric & Neem Toner is my morning elixir for the pores!

Kate W.


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