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It’s October (can you believe it?) and it’s the perfect month to share my love for Charcoal and pass along our “ALL THINGS BLACK” offer (15% off all charcoal products through for the entire month see discount code below).

I love working with charcoal because of its long connection to the earth and human kind.  It has been used for centuries in tribal tattoos and even the Egyptians used it to create their unique eye lines! As one of the most basic of skin care ingredients, it’s powerful simply by being by itself.  However, charcoal is even more effective when blended with other bases such as a soaps and cleansers.

I first discovered charcoal in a process called chelation. (Get ready for the science/lab tech talk)…chelation involves ingesting charcoal to rid the body of heavy metals and toxins. Binding to the toxin, it is easily and gently expelled by the intestines.   Applying that same concept to skin care, I realized that it would work the same way topically to bind with the impurity and then be washed away.

Charcoal posses qualities of removing heavy metals stuck in the body.  It can wash away accumulated toxins such as smog, city dirt and grime and even second hand smoke – all factors that leave skin looking dull and lackluster.  It draws out impurities in the skin that are clogging pores creating acne and blackheads, this deep cleaning can even shrink pore size and leave skin velvety smooth.  (“CHEERS” for charcoal!!!)

Charcoal - All Things Black

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Look for charcoal to making an appearance in a liquid facial cleanser coming sometime in late fall 2017.

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