What is that mysterious black shampoo and grayish conditioner?  Why in the world would I want to wash my hair with it? Charcoal seems to finding itself in just about every skin care product in our line!  I’m starting to think of it as an ingredient “must have”  in any type of skin care routine.

The biggest hair care complaints I hear are “my hair feels weighed down” and  “It looks lackluster and my color seems like it’s fading.”  If your hair is looking lackluster or feels weighed down, charcoal shampoo and conditioner will be your new best friends!  

When your hair feels weighed down, well, it’s actually being weighed down!  Build up can occur from any shampoo brand that says “ sleek shine, anti frizz, or smooth the hair shaft”  These shampoo’s actually use things like silicones that “stick” on the hair to make it look shinier, smoother or become straight when it wants to curl.  Add to that, plain old dirt.  When hair is dirty, it IS actually heavier than clean hair.  Things like hair styling gels or hairspray, coats the hair even further to simply, 





Regular shampoos can only remove surface dirt, leaving behind traces of these built up products.  Charcoal can actually pull out so much more!              excess oil from the scalp


                                 second hand smoke

                                 minerals from hard water

                                 styling product residue

                                 heavy metals from either coloring or un-treated water

 After using charcoal shampoo and conditioner for just a week, you will notice an improvement in your hair.  Hair will have more volume, curl, shine and life.  It will actually feel lighter too.  All of our shampoo’s and conditioner’s leave hair super hydrated and conditioned without leaving residue.

Another fantastic quality of regular use of charcoal?  it actually treats many skin conditions like dandruff, redness, oiliness and even itchy scalp. 

After your hair and scalp are detoxed, you should try to commit to a trim every four to six weeks.  A trim can further remove any left over chemical treatments or buildup.  And hair always looks healthier when split ends are trimmed.


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